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World Bodypainting Festival 2021

Day 1 Of The World Body Painting Festival 2021

Day 2 Of The World Body Painting Festival 2021

Day 3 Of The World Body Painting Festival 2021


Workshop with Einat Dan and Leon Sokoletzki


Special Fashion Photography Shooting

    2021 Hybrid Edition Of The World Bodypainting Festival Week - News And Impressions Of Programs Going On Each Day In Klagenfurt And Online.

    Be sure to SAVE THE DATE for the GRAND finale! 

    A TV Show format of the World Bodypainting Festival with the new World Champions on the upcoming Saturday, July 24th, 2021 at 4:00pm (Central European Time)

    The #wbfestival2021 has relaunched this year as a hybrid event. 

    The World Championships are mainly being held online, with one live event in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, the World Camouflage Award.


    Here's an Interview with Some of the World Bodypainting Festival 2021 Covid-19 Edition Judges. 

    Alex Barendregt, the host, welcomes the first three judges to speak about their judging experience and provide suggestions for your preparation.

    Get a sense of how our bodypainting judges vote, as well as helpful hints for your preparation.

    - Einat Dan (Israel) 
    - Bella Volen (Bulgaria) 
    - Filippo ioco (United States/Italy)


    The purpose of this lecture series is to assist participants better understand how the judging for the 2021 World Bodypainting Festival ONLINE awards, which will take place from July 18 to 24, 2021, works.


    WB Academy 2021 - Online Programs.

    What - WB Academy 2021

    When - 18. – 21 July 2021 ( 10am & 2pm)

    4 Days – 8 Teachers – 8 Classes

    • Filippo ioco, Einat Dan, Bella Volen, Michael Müller, Silke Kirchhoff, Bella Volen, Mike Shane, Paul Merchant, and Ernst Wieser will share their secrets and demonstrate their knowledge in 2 – 3 hours sessions each.
    • From Sunday – Wednesday (18th – 21st July) you can enjoy at 10am in the morning and 2pm (Central European Time) in the afternoon 8 different Masterclasses in front of your Monitor directly from home for a Flat rate of only € 30.-. Details and booking:



    Fewer activities than usual in the Bodypainting Capital Klagenfurt with extra sites across the globe since this is another hybrid event of the World Bodypainting Festival. 

    Creative hotspots meet artists to paint for the online World Championships, which will take place from July 18 to July 24, 2021.

    • In Klagenfurt, Austria, festival director Alex Barendregt presents the first verified hotspots as well as a brief summary of the program. 

    WBF Global Creative Hotspots That Have Been Confirmed:

    • - Kyiv (Ukraine)
    • - Seoul (South Korea)
    • - Tenerife (Spain )
    • - Oostenhout (Netherlands)
    • - Rome (Italy)
    • - Barcelona (Spain)
    • - Hong Kong (China)
    • - Ottawa City (Canada)
    • - Reidsville, North Carolina (USA)
    • - and then there's Klagenfurt (Austria)

    If you are in the area and would want to participate in the Online Awards, please contact WBF  or one of our hotspot hosts at


    The World Bodypainting Festival 2021 has had to switch to a new program this year. The live event was simply not be feasible as planned. This is an incredible Light Version of the event.

    Check out this  Q&A session with festival director Alex Barendregt.


    For All The Information And Updates Visit,

    World Bodypainting Festival 2021 Event Updates

    World Bodypainting Festival 2021 – COVID-19 Update

    The World Bodypainting Festival, also known as #WBF2021, is currently planned to take place this summer. 

    • Last year's celebration was delayed from 2020 to 2021, with the initiative continuing from there. 
    • This year's competitions include the World Championships, as well as Special and Amateur Awards, Music and Entertainment, the WB-Academy initiative, and a few others. 

    The world body painting festival will take place live in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Austria, from July 18th to July 24th.

    COVID-19 Prevention and Measures

    The festival organizers are working closely with the authorities to ensure a healthy atmosphere for participants and tourists. 

    As the event date approaches, more information will be published.

    Transparency & Festival Ticketing

    All tickets, festival passes, and workspace reservations are available here until 2021. Additionally, artist registrations are available in the genre for which you have applied. 

    Check to see if your Artist ID is still valid and make sure to carry it with you.

    Please contact the organizers here if you have any concerns!


    Getting to Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Carinthia, the Host City.

    Carinthia's capital is situated between the three ethnic regions of Austria, Italy, and Slovenia. 

    It enjoys an almost mythical reputation: for its wonderful activities and nightlife, but also for pristine scenery, harmony and leisure, nestled amidst mountains and hillsides in the bay of the lake Wörthersee, blessed with an almost Mediterranean climate and a cheerful southern character.

    Arrival by Train: The Austrian Federal Railways have excellent international connectivity to Klagenfurt Main Station, which is located close to the city center of Klagenfurt. 

    The S-Bahn Suburban Train links the Carinthian state with Klagenfurt. On multiple tracks, there is a dense offering of rail connections.

    FREE Train Ticket: This year it will be even easier for all visitors to arrive for the World Bodypainting Festival! Because this year, "WBF Ticket is also TRAIN TICKET". 

    From now on you can travel easily and comfortably to and from Klagenfurt with your valid event ticket within Carinthia on the ÖBB S-Bahn (Sub Urban) trains. 

    The offer is valid on the day(s) of your admission ticket or festival pass and applies to all scheduled S-Bahn trains operated by ÖBB and S-Bahn Nightline in Carinthia. 

    Use the early bird booking options and travel to the festival in a climate-friendly and CO2-friendly manner!