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Reiki Healing - Which Specific Powers Does the 1st Degree Initiation Grant?


There are five distinct types of abilities that come with a 1st Degree Reiki Initiation: 

1. The initiated individual becomes a Reiki (spiritual life energy) channel. 

  • He or she may summon this energy form to Earth at any moment by resting his or her hands on the ground when it is required. 
  • He/she does not need to focus, perform particular routines, or limit his/her lifestyle in order to do this. 
  • When Reiki is required, just place your hands on the recipient's aura or come into touch with them via the aura to allow the power to flow. 
  • Reiki is always absorbed by the receiver. 
  • It cannot be transmitted in the strictest meaning of the term, but it may be made accessible. 

2. A kind of energetic shield is established, preventing the Reiki channel's own energy from being unconsciously25 transferred to the receiver to a greater degree. 

  • This protects the practitioner from becoming weakened and keeps the person getting treatment from being burdened on an energy level by the Reiki-disharmonious giver's structures. 
  • If this protection is not provided, it is conceivable that some of the practitioner's energies may enter the recipient's inner energy system, where they will stay and cause difficulties. 
  • This isn't always the case, but it always happens to some degree. 
  • This method of transmitting disharmonious energies may have a wide range of outcomes depending on the recipient's energy and psychological stability, as well as the strength of the recipient's self-healing abilities. 

3. The Reiki channel is shielded, preventing disharmonious energies from being transferred to the individual getting the therapy. 

  • This frees the practitioner from sympathetic diseases and highly disruptive outside energy. 
  • However, the capacity to energetically sense the other person is preserved. 
  • This may also cause irritations, which is why it's important to wash your hands after a treatment or employ an aura-cleansing method. 
  • There should be no significant problems arising from energy perception even if the practitioner's energetic and psychological stability is relatively typical. 
  • It's more akin to a bad movie or a news story that conjures up terrible memories. 

4. The ability to detect subtle energies is enhanced. 

  • When individuals put their hands someplace for a longer length of time or hold them in the aura of a live person after attending the 1st Degree seminar, they often discover completely new perceptions in their hands. 
  • This skill may be developed to a great extent via frequent Reiki practice and the proper techniques. 

5. All of these talents will be permanently entrenched deep inside the individual's energy system. 

  • Because they are essentially a heavenly gift that was already existing in the human body before to the initiation, they cannot be destroyed by anything. 
  • It may have been inactive, but it, like the arms and legs, belonged to the individual. 
  • It cannot be "put to sleep" again once it has been fully reawakened. 
  • As a result, each individual only has to engage in the 1st Reiki Degree initiation once in their lives. 
  • And anybody who has participated in the initiations of a 1st Degree seminar is guaranteed to acquire these talents. 
  • There are no failed initiations if they are performed by a historically trained Master using the symbols, chants, and rituals that have been passed down through the generations. 
  • This may come off as arrogant to certain individuals. 
  • We all make errors, after all. 

Why doesn't this apply to Reiki Masters as well? 

The Master, however, is not the one who administers the initiation. 

He/She alone makes touch with the Divine Beings Dainichi Nyorai and Dai Marishi Ten, the source of spiritual life force, and acts as a conduit for their spiritual strength, knowledge, and love. 

These light creatures have much more energy work options than humans. 

For them, a Reiki initiation is a pretty easy process. 

They are highly competent Creative Force servants. 

What human people accomplish is flawed and transitory—this is a spiritually significant feature of human beings. 

A covenant made by the Creative Force, on the other hand, is not subject to the rules of the material world and therefore cannot be incorrect. 

This has also been proven in the Reiki initiation experience. 

The traditional initiation ceremonies will have a totally predictable impact whether a Reiki Master is fatigued, has a toothache or headache, is love-sick, or in a sad mood. 

I understand that some individuals may find it difficult to believe this. 

For many years, I was likewise skeptical, until I eventually gave in to the same wonderful experiences that kept occurring.

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Reiki Healing - What Happens During the 1st Degree Initiation?


Reiki Master utilizes the symbols and mantras (holy phrases that summon spiritual energies and use them for a particular purpose) that Dr. Usui discovered in ancient scrolls on the techniques of the Healing Buddha or created on the basis of them during initiations into the 1st Degree. 

The Reiki Master, via his or her Master's initiation and the symbols and mantras of the 3rd Degree, is capable of establishing a permanent link to the source of spiritual life energy for any other human being. 

Traditional rituals that are required for activating Reiki skills and directing the organizing forces into certain chakras that participate in the transmission of spiritual life energy utilize the symbols and mantras. 

These techniques, however, will not work if the individual using them has not undergone the Master Initiation in the conventional manner. 

Let's utilize the radio example once again. It isn't functional without power. 

As a result, after discovering the scrolls from the great wealth of knowledge in Esoteric Buddhism, Dr. Usui was unable to start with Reiki right away. We can be confident he gave it a go. 

He only gained access to the wellspring of spiritual life force after three weeks of fasting and meditation—and only by the gift of the Creative Force—without which none of the methods could have been used. 

To get the full set of abilities in the 1st Degree, four partial initiations are required. 

In many Reiki schools, however, they are condensed into two or even one initiation. 

The four partial initiations are offered in Rainbow Reiki in order to gently acclimate trainees to their new skills and allow them enough chance to consciously appreciate the often intense spiritual experiences. 

Each partial initiation performs a distinct critical function. 

To ensure optimum integration of the spiritual benefits, each partial initiation should be separated from the preceding one by approximately 3 hours. 

Partial initiations should not be separated by more than 24 hours because otherwise the energy connections would be lost, and the student's Reiki skills will most likely vanish within 10 days. 

The chakras are only indirectly influenced by the Reiki initiations at all degrees. 

It removes the barriers in the domain of a race's karma that prevent individuals from having a direct, complete touch with the spiritual life force on a very deep energetic level. 

This is why, with the exception of gaining Reiki skills, which are discussed further below, the spiritual and bodily consequences of the initiations vary from person to person. 

Reiki is a kind of energy that is accessible to all living things. 

Without the proper initiation, spiritual life force arrives in drips and drops, to use a metaphor. 

Reiki comes to the initiated individual in a strong, steady, and always accessible current after an initiation, and it may even expand tremendously with consistent practice. 

Attunements affect certain chakras, which are effectively utilized as portals. 

The true transformations, however, occur on far deeper levels, in the so-called light body24. 

This is a spiritual framework that organizes and directs non-polar life energies such as Reiki. 

The information is then transmitted to the chakra system, which uses it to regulate its operations. 

More information about this subject may be found in the chapter titled "The Spiritual Energy System of Human Beings."

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