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Pagan Religions - Terms And Concepts - Who Is ADONIS?


In Greek mythology, Adonis is described as a young man who was adored by Aphrodite but despised by him. 

  • During a hunt, he was slain by a boar, and Aphrodite mourned his loss. 
  • Despite having to enter the realm of the dead, he was allowed to return to the higher earth in the spring and summer to dwell with Aphrodite. 

His rebirth relates to the tale of Ishtar and her lover Tammuz, the Babylonian deity of plants, and his story represented a vegetation myth. 

  • Adonis was reincarnated every year to great joy among his devotees, particularly in Alexandria. 

  • On Etruscan mirrors and vases, as well as murals at Pompeii, he is shown.

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