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Pagan Religions - Who Are The AINUS?


This extinct race may be found in Japan's northern islands and in Eastern Siberia. 

  • Their rituals, like those of ancient classical cults and Near Eastern faiths, are intended at gaining dominion over natural occurrences. 
  • They need rain and sun for survival, as well as fire and the earth's product. 

They employ magic incantations, charms, and amulets to deflect the powers of bad spirits that might bring devastation, hunger, or illness for these reasons. 

  • To guarantee the safety of their wetlands, they also perform apotropaic rituals. 
  • The Ainus view the bear, which is a food animal, fire, and crops as possessing an inner force, and they treat them with religious reverence. 
  • Other than that, the Ainus have no organized priesthood and no temple worship.

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