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Paganism & Wicca - What Is ANOINTING OIL?

In general, anointing oils are prepared with a mineral oil base and a range of natural essential oils.

Without a foundation, the smell of pure, undiluted essential oils may be overwhelming. 

Every setting in which anointing oils are used necessitates a unique mix. 

A coven, for example, could have full moon oil, house-blessing oil, purifying oil, Lord of Summer oil, Maiden oil, and so on. 

As they enter the eltele, participants are often anointed on their foreheads as part of the sensory mnemonic that activates the frame of mind deemed suitable for a place "between the worlds." 

The material ‘components of a spell may be anointed with a suitable oil to enhance the spell's aim in spell work. 

This is especially common when it comes to candle spells. 

The affected region may be anointed with oil in magical healing to enhance the healing process. 

A small bottle of the oil may also be provided to the individual who is being healed and told to apply it to the affected region at regular intervals. 

Again, the fragrance is meant to operate on the subconscious mind, bringing forth the healing energy connected with that scent.