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Parapsychology - Who Is Abraxas?


Abrasax was the supreme deity of the Basilidian sect of Gnostics in the second century, who held that Jesus Christ was just a phantom brought to Earth by him.

They thought his name held significant secrets since it was made up of the seven Greek letters that make up the number 365, the number of days in a year.

They believed Abraxas commanded 365 gods, to whom they ascribed 365 qualities, one for each day.

Older mythologists see Abraxas as an Egyptian deity, whereas demonologists depict him as a demon with a king's head and serpents for feet.

Abraxas is shown with a whip in his hand on ancient amulets, and his name inspired the magical term abracadabra.

Further Reading:

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Kiran Atma

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