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Hinduism And Hindu Theology - What Is Achala Ekadashi?

Achala Ekadashi is the Hindu New Year. The eleventh day (ekadashi) of the dark (waning) half of the lunar month of Jyeshth (May–June) is the festival. 

  • This, like other eleventh-day celebrations, is devoted to the adoration of the deity Vishnu. Achala means "immovable," and another name for this ekadashi is apara, which means "unrivaled." 
  • The name alludes to the religious virtue gained by participating in this event, which cannot be revoked or reversed, according to tradition. 
  • Most Hindu holidays have specified rituals, which typically include fasting (upavasa) and devotion, and frequently promise particular rewards if they are followed faithfully. 

Individual adherence differs according to one's devotion and preferences. 

  • Fasting, for example, may range from avoiding just specific meals to avoiding all meals throughout the day. Individuals may worship at temples or in their own houses. 
  • Following this event religiously is said to absolve one of the bad consequences of one's previous actions, especially acts that would result in birth as a pret, or unquiet spirit, as well as enhance one's reputation, riches, and religious virtue.

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