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Hinduism And Hindu Theology - Adoption In Hindu Families

One of the most essential needs for every Hindu man is to have at least one son, in order to conduct and maintain proper burial rituals for himself and his ancestors. 

  • These rituals are seen to be essential for the well-being of the deceased, especially those who have just passed away. 
  • Only males are permitted to conduct burial rituals, even in contemporary times. 
  • Because these rituals are so important, fathers who don't have biological sons adopt a son to ensure the ceremony's success. 

The ideal candidate is a blood related, such as a brother's kid, who shares the adoptive father's social standing. 

  • The child becomes a part of another family via adoption, but the legal texts differ on his continued connection with his birth family. 
  • Many sources say that since an adopted son has become part of another family, he has no access to his natal family's inheritance or to perform burial rituals for those ancestors. 
  • Other scriptures mention unique arrangements that allow an adopted kid to have two dads, one biological and the other adoptive. 
  • He inherits from both dads and conducts ancestral rituals for them.

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