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Hinduism And Hindu Theology - What Is Agnishtoma?

In the later strands of the Vedas, the oldest Hindu holy scriptures, a specific sacrificial ritual is specified. The agnishtoma, which was devoted to the Vedic deity Agni, was most often conducted in the early spring (fire). 

  • The pressing and drinking of the enigmatic sacrifice drink known as soma (considered as a tangible form of the Vedic deity Soma) and the killing of sacrificial animals, which were burnt on the sacrificial fire, were the two major components of the ritual (the god Agni in material form). 
  • During the sacrifice, there was a last hymn dedicated to Agni. 
  • This ritual became mainly the domain of monarchs throughout the Vedic era, since they were the only ones who could command the required resources. 

The ritual went out of popularity as a result of the subsequent reaction against animal sacrifice, but it is still conducted in a modified version without sacrifice on occasion.

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