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Hinduism And Hindu Theology - What Is An Agrahara?

A residential enclave for brahmins, typically created by a land gift from a rich landowner or monarch to a certain brahmin. 

  • In old Hindu culture, Brahmins held the greatest position due to the notion that they were more ritually pure. 
  • The agrahara's function was to preserve the ceremonial purity, which might be readily tampered with. 
  • Agraharas were most prevalent in southern India, where brahmins made up a very tiny proportion of the population—roughly 4% on average. 
  • Southern Indian brahmins, being a tiny minority, could maintain a more regulated atmosphere, minimizing the risk of their purity becoming contaminated. 
  • Brahmins were a major portion of the population in northern India, and they preferred to reside in towns and cities, but they frequently occupied specific areas of these locations.

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