KIRAN ATMA: Airavata
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Hinduism And Hindu Theology - Who Is Airavata?

The celestial elephant who serves as Indra's (King of the Gods) chariot in Hindu mythology. 

  • Airavata's sole major part in any myth is as the final reason why the gods must churn the Ocean of Milk. 
  • Durvasas, the strong and irascible sage, bestows a garland to Indra one day. Airavata tosses the garland on the ground when Indra puts it on her. 
  • The causes for this vary—in one version, Airavata is afflicted by bees, while in another, the smell of the blossoms intoxicates him. 
  • Durvasas takes this as an insult and curses the gods with old age and death as a result of his rage. 
  • The nectar of immortality, which can only be obtained by churning the Ocean of Milk, is the only method for the gods to escape the curse's consequences. 

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