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Hinduism And Hindu Theology - Who Is Ambarisha?

A monarch of the Ikshvaku dynasty in Hindu mythology, about whom multiple sources paint radically different images. 

  • He is depicted as a man ready to sacrifice a child, Sunassepha, in lieu of a sacrificial cow that Indra had stolen in the Ramayana, the earlier of the two major Hindu epics. 
  • Sunassepha prays to the gods at the time of the sacrifice, and Indra appears to bless both Ambarisha and Sunassepha. 
  • Ambarisha is shown as a devoted follower (bhakta) of Vishnu in another tale from the Bhagavata Purana. 
  • When the sage Durvasas attempts to sabotage Ambarisha's ekadashi ("eleventh day") observances, Ambarisha appeals to Vishnu's discus weapon Sudarshana for assistance. 
  • Durvasas is pursued across the cosmos by the discus in response to Ambarisha's plea. Durvasas is obliged to seek Ambarisha's pardon in the end, and the latter tells Durvasas about the efficacy of ekadashi observance.

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