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Hinduism And Hindu Theology - What Is An Ammonite? Why Are Ammonite Crystals Revered?


An ancient marine creature's spiral-shaped fossil shell. 

  • The black stones in which these ancient shells are lodged are called shalagrams, and they may be found in abundance in Nepal's Kali Gandaki River. 
  • The term ammonite is derived from the Latin phrase "horn of Ammon," which alludes to a version of Jupiter with rams' horns. 

The circular shape of the ammonite is seen in India as a representation of Vishnu's discus (chakra), and the shalagram is therefore regarded as a svayambhu "self-manifested" picture of Vishnu himself. 

  • The shalagram, like other svayambhu forms of a god, is regarded extremely sacred and is typically maintained as a source of devotion.

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