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Paganism & Wicca - What Is An Amulet?


An amulet is a tiny, easily worn item, usually in the form of a necklace, that is charged with a general, imperial magic. 

  • It varies from a talisman in that a talisman is always personalized for the person who will wear it. 
  • Amulets may be used to fend against negative energies or to attract positive ones. 
  • Amulets for protection, good health, luck, and safe travel are all common. 
  • Because of the saint's specific connection with some activity or another, Sr. Christopher medal are used for safe travels, the St. Anne medal for easy labor, et cetera, many saints' medallions are employed as amulets. 
  • Amulets, unlike talismans, do not have an expiry date since they are so broad. 
  • The carrier, on the other hand, may be taught to recharge and retain potency by leaving it in the moonlight on the night of the full moon or by leaving it in the sunshine.

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