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Hinduism And Hindu Theology - Who Was Anantadas?

Anantadas is a Hindu poet-saint from the late 16th century. 

  • Ravidas, Kabir, Namdev, Trilochan, Angada, and Pipa are among the most well-known northern Indian religious (bhakti) poet-saints for whom he composed "introductions" (parchais). 
  • Because Anantadas cites 1588 C. E. as the date of writing for his Namdev Parchai, his period may be determined with fair certainty. 
  • Anantadas lived at the same time as another renowned hagiographer, Nabhadas, whom Anantadas refers to as a "guru brother" to his own guru, thus making Nabhadas Anantadas' "spiritual uncle." 
  • Although both hagiographers offer important information, Nabhadas' descriptions are very short, and Anantadas' descriptions are extremely detailed. 
  • Although the wonderful occurrences contained in the introductions make them dubious as historical sources, Anantadas' writings are by far the first comprehensive descriptions of these literary giants. 

He is practically unknown since his complete works have never been published. David Lorenzen, Kabir Legends and Ananta-Das' Kabir Parachai, 1991; and Winand Callewaert and Peter G. Friedlander (trans. ), The Life and Works of Raidas, 1992.

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