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Hinduism And Hindu Theology - Who Was Andal?

 Andal was the lone Female poet-saint among the Alvars from the 9th century. 

  • The Alvars, a group of twelve poet-saints who lived in southern India during the seventh and tenth centuries, had just one female member. 
  • The Alvars were all Vishnu worshippers (bhakta), and their emphasis on intense devotion (bhakti) to a personal deity, expressed via hymns sung in Tamil, revolutionized and rejuvenated Hindu religious life. 
  • Andal had a very intense connection with her chosen god, whom she considered her betrothed spouse, as do many female bhakti figures. 
  • Ranganatha, a specific form of Vishnu who resides at the Shrirangam temple in Tamil Nadu, was the god in question. 
  • Andal was an earthly incarnation of Vishnu's bride Bhudevi ("Earth Goddess"), who came to her foster father, Periyalvar, another of the Alvars, as an abandoned infant. 
  • She was determined that she would not marry a human when she reached adulthood, and she blended into the image of Ranganatha at Shrirangam. 
  • Andal wrote two volumes of poetry, the Tirruppava I and the Nacciyar Tirumoli, both of which are devoted to Vishnu in his incarnation as Krishna. 
  • Vidya Dehejia (trans. ), Antal and Her Path of Love, 1990, is a good source of knowledge.

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