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Hinduism And Hindu Theology - Who Is Angada?

Angada is the son of the monkey-king Bali and his wife Tara in the Ramayana, the first of the two major Hindu epics. 

  • Angada is one of Rama's faithful friends, despite the fact that Rama, the seventh avatar of Vishnu, murdered his father under dubious circumstances. 
  • Angada takes part in the hunt for Sita and subsequently in the fight to rescue her in Lanka, where he is most notable for his duel with Ravana's son Meghanada (an epithet of Indrajit). 
  • Rama installs Angada as the crown prince of Kishkindha, a forest in southern India, after the conquering of Lanka. 
  • Many of the Ramayana's characters are archetypes for Indian cultural ideals. 
  • Angada demonstrates courage, loyalty, and genuine devotion to Rama, all of which are rewarded in the end.

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