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Hinduism And Hindu Theology - What Is Ankusha?

Ankusha  meaning "elephant goad" is a word that means "elephant goad." 

  • This is a weapon with a wooden or metal handle, a sharp hook, and a point that actual elephant handlers use to cajole and goad elephants— sometimes by poking them with the hook, other times by striking them with the handle's butt. 
  • The ankusha is a significant symbol in Hindu mythology, and it is most closely linked with the deity Ganesh, possibly due to his elephant head. Ganesh's status as the Lord of Obstacles is reflected in the ankusha, which he may use to poke and prod them out of the path. 

The ankusha is a symbol connected with some strong manifestations of the Goddess, in addition to Ganesh. 

This may be related to the story that she was created from the combined brilliance of all the gods, and that she received copies of their weapons from them.

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