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Hinduism And Hindu Theology - What Is Artha?

This is one of the four purusharthas, or life goals, in Indian philosophy, the others being kama (desire), dharma (religious obligation), and moksha (liberation) (final liberation of the soul). 

In different situations, the term artha has varied shades of meaning, but they all revolve around the definitions "aim," "goal," or "end." 

The term may therefore apply to any human aim, but as one of these purusharthas, artha denotes wealth, power, and material success. 

  • These are the tangible goods that enable one to achieve one's temporal objectives, and unless one obtains them in some form, hedonistic or simple worldly pleasure becomes a challenge. 
  • Wealth and power have long been considered acceptable human goals in Hindu culture, but they must be guided by a dedication to dharma
  • The pursuit of riches may be part of an integrated existence when it is guided by an overarching commitment to moral conduct

Without these guiding spiritual dedications, and personal commitments, a person's ambition for money and wealth, or pursuit of goals, or purpose and mission in life becomes an all-consuming and self-sustained fire of desire that eventually kills them and leads them to spiritual degeneration and decay.

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