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Hinduism And Hindu Theology - Debunking Aryan Migrant Myth


The Aryan movement was previously referred to as a "invasion," but it is now more often referred to as a "migration." 

The Aryans were a pastoral people, according to the Vedic chronicles, and although some Vedic passages reference war chariots, the bulk depict herds of cattle. 

  • The idea of an invading army appears unlikely given this sight of nomads herding their livestock to graze. 
  • Although the Aryan migration hypothesis explains the spread of different languages, it is not generally accepted. 

Many contemporary Indians believe in the Indigenous Aryan (IA) hypothesis, which claims that the Aryans were India's first occupants and uses relics from the Indus Valley civilization as evidence. 

Some supporters of the IA hypothesis may be responding to the Aryan migration theory's apparent colonial bias, given that the theory was established by Europeans and believes or assumes that the dominant tribes in contemporary India must have arrived from outside. 

Hindutva proponents, for example, argue that all Indians are “truly” Hindus and therefore form one social group, regardless of their religious views. 

  • In contemporary India, where Christians and Muslims are not just religious groups, but also social and political ones, this statement has significant political ramifications. 
  • Hindutva supporters marginalize Christians and Muslims as outsiders by linking Hindu identification with good Indian citizenship.

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