KIRAN ATMA: Asura Marriage
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Hinduism - What Is Asura Marriage?

Asura Marriage is one of the eight methods to conduct a marriage that the Dharma Shastras, or religious treatises, acknowledge (dharma). 

  • It is called after the asuras, a strong celestial demoniac race whose goals often conflict with those of the gods (deva), giving the term a negative meaning. 
  • When a man provides money to the bride's family and the bride herself, it is called an asura marriage. (Buying a Bride)

Because of the implication that the bride is being sold, this is one of the four terrible (aprashasta) types of marriage; nevertheless, like the other deplorable forms, it is considered to establish a legal marriage. 

  • Despite this widespread condemnation, it is one of the two traditional types of marriage that is still performed (the other being Brahma marriage).
  • Because of the shame associated with the connotation of selling one's kid, it is only done by the impoverished or those of low social standing. 

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