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Hinduism - Who Is Atri?

Atri is one of Brahma's six sons, all of whom become renowned sages in Hindu mythology. 

All are "mindborn," which means that Brahma's thoughts are sufficient to create them. 

  • Marichi, Angiras, Pulastya, Pulaha, and Kratu are the others. 
  • Kashyapa, Bhrgu, Vasishtha, Gautama, Bharadvaja, and Vishvamitra are the other seven sages mentioned in the text. 

All brahmins are said to be descended from these seven sages, with each family's progenitor's name serving as its gotra name. 

  • These gotra divides are still significant in contemporary times, since marriage inside the gotra is prohibited. 
  • The new bride takes her husband's gotra as part of her new identity after her marriage. 
  • Prohibitions against marriage may also be found here.

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