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The Intelligence of this Melody

~ The Intelligence of this Melody ~ 
A Sound Characterized by its Harmony and Tranquility 

"No work stains a man who is pure, who is in harmony, who is master of his life, whose soul is one with the soul of all."

           This was inspired by a really interesting post I read today on Corelight, a page authored and run by some  very blessed and inspiring people,

Here is the original post as seen on their page ,

" ~ Attraction and Repulsion ~

           Attraction and repulsion cause the mind to divide all worldly phenomena into the different camps of negative and positive. This leads us into separating and compartmentalizing everything in our minds. Our conditioned tendency is to align with one side (attraction) and disown, reject or avoid the other (repulsion). We have no choice in this; we are bound unrelentingly by this system of judgment. Life is seen through this filter until we agree to do the transformational work. The moment we decide there is no more to life, and wish to explore other options; we have the potential to move into another paradigm, one that exists beyond negative and positive. 
~Leslie Temple-Thurston~"

~ The Mind is just an Instrument ~

My Response, Love it

        I would love to start by saying the mind is just an instrument. It is like honey, so sticky, in that it has a tendency to absorb whatever comes its way, both good and bad, the pleasant and the unpleasant, the positive and the negative. It is only an instrument, it does what it has evolved to do by design. It helps build intelligence deeper into the being or should I say the Spiritual being by collecting intelligence via the senses that pervade the rest of the body and awareness in its entirety. One should control and master the mind through faith, courage and Love. One should attempt to make the mind a friend. After all, It is merely nothing more than an instrument that aids the Being and its intelligence.  

~ Become a Creative Dreamer ~
Co-create as you Dream in Harmony with Nature and Life. 

          Somehow the words negative and positive reminded me of the master and father who revolutionized the way we use, supply and harness electricity. No, I'm not talking of Edison but rather of  that wonderful Dreamer they call Nikola Tesla. The human mind has given or boxed/ compartmentalized this genius with so many undeserving and pathetic labels that reflect the nature of the society we have been co-creating and living in. He had the strangest visions, dreams and incredibly Truthful ideas of how his whole obsession with alternating current (AC) was in perfect harmony with Nature and its songs that buzzed through to him in fits of visions. 

Duality is pervaded by the ineffable Harmony that is this song.
The key is to find and follow the Lover that breathes Love into Souls.

        Even within Nature, in its many infinite nuances, there is creation, there is maintenance and there is destruction. These are the undeniable qualities and regulative processes of this realm. Man once born must learn to understand and live in harmony with Nature. He/She must learn to respect Nature as this experience has so much to teach us. The purpose of life is to enrich the Soul with such undying intelligence. We can strengthen and control what is good only by knowing, tolerating, overcoming and controlling what is bad. We must not deny the experiences that expose us to what is bad or destructive and depleting to our Souls, rather we should understand fully the falsehood of what we perceived as the Truth but only proved to be an illusion. 

~ Find Meaning &Purpose in Duality ~

For example I was reading a peculiar bit of news earlier today from all the way around in India,

It read as, 

"They are namesakes — both good orators and bachelors. But, the similarity between Narendra Modi and Narendra Nath Datta, famous as Swami Vivekananda, ends here."

These men here are renounced, in the fact that they both have taken the vow of chastity. I have met many such people and you might wonder how true chastity is achieved. Let's for example consider that a Soul was incarnate as a man, who falls madly in Love with a woman only to be betrayed and have his whole being degraded and discarded. Such an experience can be extremely painful to a Soul, eventually the person would contemplate the fact that the object of his attraction, that enticing Woman, that illusion of attraction was indeed unreal, false and proved to be Untruthful . He experiences the duality of Life to its fullest. He experiences both attraction and destruction. And even in the midst of such an adverse and tormenting experience he realizes that there is an all pervading Truth transcending and guiding him to its Light. It eventually manages to strengthen him, his intelligence, his faith, his ability and capacity for courage and most importantly his capacity to unconditionally Love the Truth. He becomes a better Lover, His intelligence now can transcend and overcome infinite such minds and illusive but purposeful creations of duality. His intelligence can powerfully gaze right through to the Truth cutting across all facades. Such is the story of how some men achieve the state of True chastity.

      Those that do continue to evolve, stay centered in perpetual bliss and seamless perfection. Those that don't or deliberately will and aim to infuse chaos and disturb the tranquil balance and harmony of things will eventually enter into a state of destruction and rebirth. That energy that is out of place and purpose and self serving is thus renewed in the hopes of becoming something more meaningful and beautiful... only off course by this cycle that traverses through all forms of duality from creation to destruction, rebirth and eventually culminating in higher and eternal Spiritual resurrections. 

Aham Brahmasmi (ah-HUM brah-MAHS-mee) 

 A Sanskrit sutra whose English translation is "the core of my being is the ultimate reality, the root and ground of the universe, the source of all that exists..."

 ..None are less Dear to me and none more dear. I look upon all Life equally; But those who Love, live in me, and I come to Life in them. You are me, as I am in You, as I AM You :) 

Love, Blessings & Sincere Regards,

Jai Krishna Ponnappan