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Paganism & Wicca - Who Is Baal or Ba'al o Ba'alat?

This pan-Semitic term may be translated as "master," "mistress," "lord," or "lady." 

  • Thus, Baalzebub (also known as Beelzebub in English) literally means "Master of the Flies." 
  • Baal is the name of a significant Semitic god. 
  • Male/female representations - Ba'al/Ba'alat.

The word's literal meaning is often integrated into the names of numerous shamanic masters: 

• Ba'al Shem, which means "master of the name," alludes to Jewish miracle-workers who gained power via the mastery of Names of Power. Written amulets are typically created by the ba'al shem for physical healing, exorcism, and reproductive renewal. (A Powerful Name.) 

• Balazar (Ethiopian for "master of the zar") is the moniker given to shamans who act as intermediaries between humans and zar spirits. Other names for the same function are used in certain places, such as shykha (Ethiopia) and kodia (South Africa) (Egypt).

• Baalat ob (Hebrew meaning "mistress of an ob") is a curious Hebrew term for a magical or shamanic practitioner, not least since there is no accepted translation of "ob." 

Except for a spectacular appearance in the Bible by a Baalat ob, better known as the "Witch of Endor," the name may have remained obscure. 

HALL OF FAME: Witch of Endor.

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