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Hinduism - Where Is Baijnath?

Baijnath is a sacred place (tirtha) and archeological region in Uttar Pradesh's Himalayan foothills, about 45 miles north and west of the town of Almora. 

  • Baijnath is home to a temple complex that is thought to date back to the thirteenth century C.E. 
  • Only one of the temples is still in operation as a place of worship, although many of them have been beautifully maintained. 

The main goddess at the temple is Shiva's wife Parvati, despite the fact that the site's name is a vernacular version of Vaidyanath, a form of the god Shiva. 

  • Her primary picture is a beautiful work of art cut from a chunk of rose-colored granite that is over four feet tall. 
  • The legendary tale of Shiva's wife Sati, her reincarnation as Parvati, and Parvati's remarriage to Shiva is depicted by smaller figures carved into the picture itself. 
  • The statue is obviously the work of a great sculptor, and it much surpasses the standard of art seen in such remote locations. 

A statue of Vishnu made of a similar kind of stone and sculpted in a similar manner may be seen at a neighboring rural temple. 

  • The most straightforward explanation for this connection is that both pictures were created by the same sculptor.

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