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Hinduism - What Is Baithak?

Baithak is a word that means "seat." 

The baithaks are a collection of 108 holy places in the Vaishnava sect known as the Pushti Marg, a religious society whose members are devotees (bhakta) of the deity Krishna (tirthas). 

  • Each location is linked to the life and work of the Pushti Marg's founder, the philosopher Vallabhacharya. 

  • The majority of these baithaks are in well-established sacred places that were regarded holy long before Vallabhacharya's time, but each baithak's charter narrative recounts some action of the philosopher in that location, in order to further sanctify it for his followers. 
  • Within the existing pilgrimage sites, these baithaks form a sectarian network, imbuing each one with extra importance for the Pushti Marg.

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