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Hinduism - Who Is Bakasur?

Bakasur is a fierce man-eating demon in the Mahabharata, the second of the two major Hindu epics. 

  • To save their lives, the villagers send Bakasur a daily sacrifice victim selected by lot, as well as a wagonload of food, which the demon consumes as well. 

The brahmin who is housing the Pandavas, the five valiant brothers who are the epic's heroes, receives the lot one day. 

  • When Draupadi, one of the brothers' common wives, learns about the incident, she asks one of the brothers, Bhima, to bring the meal in the brahmin's place. 
  • Bhima pulls the cart up to the cave, entices Bakasur into combat by eating the food in front of him, and then slays him with a single powerful stroke.

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