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Hinduism - What Is A Bana Linga?

An egg-shaped stone that is said to be Shiva's svayambhu ("self-manifested") form. 

The bana linga, like other svayambhu pictures, is regarded exceptional since the deity has spontaneously shown himself in it. 

  • Bana lingas are only found in a few locations, most notably in the Chambal River in Madhya Pradesh, where they may be found in great quantities. 

They come in a variety of colors and sizes, ranging from a few feet broad to several feet wide, but most are smaller. 

  • The smaller ones are moveable and may even be carried as portable objects of devotion by traveling ascetics. 
  • The bigger ones are generally exclusively seen in temples, not only because of the restrictions on movement caused by their larger size, but also because they are thought to be so strong that they should be kept in a well-kept environment.

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