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Hinduism - What Is A Barat?

Barat is one of the most frequent components of a contemporary northern Indian wedding ritual, in which the groom is accompanied by his (mainly male) family and friends in a procession to the wedding location. 

The barat conjures up images of a regal procession in which the groom, at least for the day, is king. 

  • The groom usually rides a garishly adorned white mare, although any mode of transportation that represents his status is appropriate, from an elephant to a horse-drawn carriage to a garlanded vehicle. 
  • The groom often wears a crown or tinsel decorations in line with regal images. 

The whole procession is typically accompanied by a marching band, who act as heralds and march in front of the royal presence; the band will often halt along the route to perform, and the participants will dance around them. 

  • The groom is typically reserved during the barat for the rest of his friends, in line with the seriousness of the event, but it is a time for joking, laughing, dancing, and celebration right before the wedding. 
  • The barat may also include the drinking of alcohol, however this is frowned upon by many more orthodox Hindus.

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