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Hinduism - What Is Radhashtami In The Hindu Calendar?


Radhashtami  ("Radha's eighth") is a Hindu festival.

The festival takes place on the eighth day of the bright (waxing) half of the lunar month of Bhadrapada (August–September); this day is commemorated as Krishna's consort Radha's birthday.

Radha is seen differently by different Vaishnava religious communities: for some, she is a human woman who represents the ideal devotee (bhakta) who sacrifices everything to be with her beloved, while for others, she is the queen of heaven and an equal to Krishna himself.

In any instance, her proximity to him is shown by the fact that she was born in the same month and lunar day as Krishna, albeit on the opposite side of the month.

The Radhashtami celebration is especially popular in Barsana, the Braj area hamlet where Radha is claimed to have been born.

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