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Herbs And Herbalism - Bear's Breech

Bear's Breech  - Brank Ursine. 

Acanthus (from the Greek akanthos, ake meaning thorn, anthos meaning flowers) is a generic term for a variety of thorny plants that appears often in Greek and Roman literature. 

  • The lovely leaves inspired ideas for column ornamentation in ancient Greek architecture. 

Description - Leaves are rectangular with undulating edges, dark green and glossy, 30-60 cm long; stems are straight to 150 cm high, with white or lavender pink flowers on spikes in the summer. 

  • Distribution Southern European origin. Now widely available. 

Cultivation - Tolerates a wide range of soil types, but likes deep loam in full sun or moderate shade. 

  • In the spring and fall, propagate by division; in the spring, propagate by root cuttings or seed. 
  • In a big pot in full light, it may be grown as a houseplant. 

Uses - Burns and scalds were traditionally treated with crushed leaves.

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