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Hinduism - What Is The Bhagavata Purana?


The Bhagavata Purana is a Hindu scripture. 

The most essential book for the worship of the deity Krishna as the one Supreme Being is a sectarian religious text. 

  • Internal evidence suggests it was composed in southern India in the ninth or tenth centuries, putting it well behind the other puranas. 
  • The majority of the book concentrates on Krishna's upbringing, childhood, and adolescence in the hamlet of Brindavan, although it pays little attention to his subsequent adventures as a king and hero. 

The tenth book of the purana is most known for depicting Krishna's amorous adventures with the local herd ladies (gopis) as they spend the evenings in a circle dance (ras lila) on the Yamuna River's banks. 

  • Krishna is shown as a deity who is always interacting with the world throughout the book. 
  • The ultimate felicity for Krishna's followers (bhakta) is the chance to participate in that heavenly pastime (lila).

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