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Hinduism - Who Is Bhagirathi?

The Ganges is referred to as both a river and a deity. 

The name Bhagirathi comes from Bhagirath, the one most responsible for bringing the Ganges to earth. 

  • The Ganges is created when the Bhagirathi joins the Alakananda River near Devaprayag, and the Bhagirathi is also the name of a Himalayan tributary of the river. 

The Bhagirathi runs past Gangotri, the holy location (tirtha) regarded as the Ganges' source, despite the fact that the Alakananda is longer and broader. 

  • The Bhagirathi, like all of the Ganges' Himalayan tributaries, is considered holy. 
  • Gangotri at its headwaters, Uttarkashi, and Devaprayag are all important pilgrimage sites along this stream.

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