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Hinduism - What Is Bhajan?

Bhajan is a Sanskrit word that means "sharing." 

A religious or devotional hymn is nearly typically sung in a vernacular language under this term. 

  • Bhajans have no defined forms as expressions of personal devotion, although they are often adapted to the melodies of cinema songs in modern times. 
  • Bhajans can have any or all of the following themes as a genre: detailing the deeds of a particular deity, praising the deity, addressing the god in a tone of complaint or humble supplication (vinaya), reminding the deity of the speaker's internal or external sources of difficulties, or warning the listeners to examine and reform their lives. 

In the bhakti (devotional) movement, singing and listening to such songs was and still is a significant form of religious practice. 

  • Devotees (bhakta) "exchange" their songs and experiences with one another during these sessions. 
  • Although there are bhajans devoted to all of the gods in the pantheon, this singing tradition has been greatest among Vishnu worshippers historically. 
  • Because the company of his followers is considered to be paradise on earth, Vaishnava devotional literature is replete with stories of Vishnu appearing in disguise to participate in bhajan sessions.

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