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Hinduism - What Is Bhaktirasabodhini?


(“Awakening the Delight in Devotion”) Bhaktirasabodhini. 

Priyadas wrote a commentary on the Bhaktamal of Nabhadas in 1712, and it is known as the Bhaktamal of Nabhadas Commentary. 

  • Nabhadas has included short six-line biographies of around two hundred current bhakti (devotional) personalities in the Bhaktamal. 
  • These biographies are notable for being devoid of extraordinary or miraculous occurrences, and instead emphasize the devotee's personal characteristics in order to serve as a role model for others. 

Priyadas elaborated on each devotee described by Nabhadas in the Bhaktirasabodhini, frequently giving incredible tales that Nabhadas had not addressed. 

  • Nabhadas relied on the writings produced by the biographer Anantadas in his biography of the poet-saint Ravidas, although his sources in other instances are unclear. 
  • Given Priyadas' propensity for miraculous occurrences and his chronological distance from his subjects, the stories in the Bhaktirasabodhini are dubious as authentic biographies of these saints. 

Nonetheless, the book is very important as a window into his day, and thorough examination may tell a great deal about current religious conflicts and problems.

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