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Hinduism - What Is Bhang?


Crushed marijuana (Cannabis sativa) paste or dough, which is often combined with spices or other flavorings before being shaped into a ball. 

It's consumed as an intoxicant or combined into a "cooling" milk-based drink known as thandai. 

  • Eating bhang is often frowned upon by respectable people, but it is popular in certain groups, especially among ascetics. 

Despite this widespread condemnation, bhang is frequently taken as part of the Shivaratri and Holi holiday festivities, even by those who abstain from it the rest of the year. 

  • The former is devoted to Shiva, who is known for his addiction to the drug, while Holi is linked with breaking down societal barriers and allowing people to do things that are usually forbidden. 
  • Aside from being eaten during special occasions, it may also be consumed in specific locations, such as during a pilgrimage. 

  • Several of the most well-known Hindu holy places (tirthas), including Benares, Puri, and Haridwar, have government-run bhang kiosks where pilgrims may get their fix.

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