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Hinduism - Who Was Bharata(Mythology)?

Bharata is a mythological character from India (2). 

Bharata is the son of King Dasharatha by his wife Kaikeyi and the virtuous younger brother of the deity Rama, the epic's protagonist, in the Ramayana, the earlier of the two major Hindu epics. 

  • Bharata's devotion to his family is put to the test on many occasions. 
  • The most severe occurs early in the epic, when Rama is exiled for fourteen years in the jungle due to Kaikeyi's betrayal, and Bharata is appointed king in his stead. 
  • Despite the apparent attractions of riches and power, Bharata refuses to take his brother's kingdom, blames his mother for her deception, and flees with Rama to live in exile. 
  • On the grounds that the people would suffer without a ruler, Rama orders Bharata to return to Ayodhya and govern during his absence. 
  • Bharata reluctantly agrees to serve as a temporary king, but with two symbolic changes: he moves the court from Ayodhya to Nandigrama as a symbol of Rama's exile, and he sits at the foot of the royal throne throughout his reign; a pair of Rama's sandals are placed upon the throne as a symbol of the rightful king. 


Many of the Ramayana's characters are archetypes for Indian cultural ideals, and Bharata represents the ideal younger brother. 

  • The brothers are the heart of the family in the traditional joint household since they reside at home their whole lives, while their sisters live with their husbands' families when they marry. 
  • After the elder members of the joint family have gone away, the oldest brother in each generation becomes the leader of the joint family. 
  • He is the family's main authority and duty, but he can't thrive without the help of his younger brothers, who must respect and support his rule. 
  • Bharata is a model younger brother because he refuses to usurp his older brother's legitimate leadership. 
  • He sets his personal wants and chances aside to preserve and promote the family's overall welfare.

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Hinduism - What Is Bharata?


Bharata is regarded a partial manifestation of the deity Vishnu in Hindu mythology. 

He is the son of King Dushyanta and the maiden Shakuntala. 

  • Dushyanta and Shakuntala marry in secret in a gandharva marriage that they both agree on. 
  • Dushyanta is forced to return to his city, leaving Shakuntala at home. 
  • Durvasas, the sage, curses her that her beloved would forget her while he is away. 
  • Bharata is born later, and Shakuntala sets off to find her lover. 
  • Before the curse is broken, she must go through numerous hardships. 

Because Shakuntala and Dushyanta wedded in secret, it takes time for Bharata to be recognized as Dushyanta's legitimate son and successor to the kingdom. 

  • Bharata rules for a long time when he eventually ascends the throne. 
  • Following his rule, the Indian subcontinent is known as Bharata.

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