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The Camel Posture and its variations are a good Hathena for forcing air into the lower abdominal lobes in the posterior. 

  1. To execute the Sapurna or Incomplete Camel, sit in Vajra Asana on your heels and exhale. 
  2. Lift the buttocks off the heels, kneel, and back-bend with arms dangling to the sides on an incoming breath, without putting any conscious weight or tension on the arms. 
  3. Keep your eyes open or you'll lose your balance. 
  4. Take a seat on the exhaled breath. 
  5. Rep three times more. 
  6. Other variations on the Camel Posture may be employed in conjunction with the one illustrated in the diagram. 
  7. Rest the weight of the body on the palms of the hands, bending the hands inwards so that the fingers contact the toes, starting in the heel-sitting Vajra Asana. 
  8. Relax the shoulders and neck so that the head dangles behind the shoulders and the breath is out. 
  9. Then, on the next incoming breath, elevate your buttocks, heels, and arch your back as high as you can, as if you were a camel attempting to get out of its sting posture. 
  10. Take a seat on the exhaled breath. 
  11. Rep three times more. 

The Extended Camel Pose, Purna Ushthra Asana, is performed from the Vajra Asana (Heel Pose). 

  1. Raise off the heels with each incoming breath, relaxing into a back-bend until the heels can be grabbed with the hands. 
  2. Do vigorous Bhastrikas or Bellows-like breaths while in this posture. 
  3. Breathing should be inhaled via the nose and exhaled through the mouth. 

Do this position with Pranayama once in the beginning, twice after a week, and three times after a fortnight. 

Kiran Atma