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Hinduism - Who Are The Bhogawar?


Including Bhogawara,  Kitawara, Bhuriwara, and Anandawara are the other three main organizational divisions of the Dashanami Sanyasis, renunciant ascetics who are devotees (bhakta) of the deity Shiva. 

Each of these divisions has its headquarters at one of the four monastic centers (maths) that the philosopher Shankaracharya is said to have founded. 

  • Each group also has religious ties to one of the four Vedas, a specific region of the Indian subcontinent, one of the "great utterances" (mahavakyas) conveying ultimate truth, a particular ascetic character, and a few of the ten Dashanami divisions. 

The Bhogawara group is linked to the eastern part of India via its affiliation with the Govardhan Math at Puri, on the Bay of Bengal. 

  • Their Veda is the Rig Veda, their mahavakya is Prajnanam Brahman (“Knowledge is Brahman”), and their ascetic character is the ability to be unaffected by worldly pleasures. 
  • The Aranya Dashanamis and Vana Dashanamis are two divisions connected with this organization.

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