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Hinduism - What Is Bhuriwara?

Bhuriwara along with Kitawara, Bhogawara, and Anandawara are the main organizational groupings of the Dashanami Sanyasis, renunciant ascetics who are devotees (bhakta) of the deity Shiva. 

Each of these organizations is based in one of the four monastic centers (maths) that the philosopher Shankaracharya is said to have founded. 

  • Each division also has religious connections, such as with one of the four Vedas, a specific region of the Indian subcontinent, one of the “great utterances” (mahavakyas) conveying ultimate truth, a certain ascetic character, and many of the ten Dashanami divisions. 

The Shringeri Math in the southern Indian town of Shringeri is associated with the Bhuriwara sect, which is therefore linked to India's southern region. 

  • Their Veda is the Yajur Veda, their mahavakya is Aham Brahmasmi (“I am Brahman”), and their ascetic quality is renunciation of all riches and living off of food grown wild in the forests. 
  • Saraswati Dashanami, Bharati Dashanami, and Puri Dashanami are the three divisions connected with this group.

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