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Hinduism - What Is A Bijakshara?

Bijakshara means "seed syllable." 

A bijakshara is a collection of syllabic utterances thought to have an intimate relationship with a deity—either as a means of obtaining access to the god's power or as the subtlest form of the deity itself—in the esoteric ritual tradition known as tantra. 

  • These syllables are generally meaningless noises (e.g., aum, hrim, klim), although they may sometimes include real words. 
  • Bijaksharas are significant not because of their content, but because of the force that the sounds themselves possess. 
  • The transfer of such seed syllables, as well as the right to utilize them (adhikara), is an essential aspect of tantric initiation (diksha). 

Swami Agehananda Bharati's The Tantric Tradition was published in 1977, while Douglas Renfrew Brooks' The Secret of the Three Cities was published in 1990.

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