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Hinduism - What Is A Brahma Marriage?

According to the Dharma Shastras, religious treatises, there are eight methods to conduct a marriage (dharma). 

In a Brahma marriage, the bride's father presents his daughter to an educated man of excellent reputation, along with whatever decorations he can afford. 

This guy is politely asked to accept her without any strings attached or costs. 

Because it is devoid of desire and money inducements, this type is regarded the most appropriate for Brahmans, thus the term Brahma marriage. 

It is also regarded as the finest of the four authorized (prashasta) types of marriage for these reasons. 

In contemporary India, there are two types of marriage: Brahma and Hindu. 

It is much more socially acceptable, since an asura marriage—in which the husband pays money to the bride and her family—connotes the woman being sold

Nonetheless, even with the Brahma marriage such exchanges can be observed to a lesser extent to this day.