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Hinduism - Who Is Jayadratha?

Jayadratha was a monarch who is married to the princess Dussala in the Mahabharata, the second of the two major Hindu epics.

Dussala is the sole sister of the Kauravas, the epic's villains, a group of one hundred brothers.

Jayadratha previously coveted the hand of Draupadi, but after losing her to the warrior Arjuna, he spends the rest of his life fighting Arjuna and his brothers, the Pandavas.

Jayadratha joins the side of the Kauravas during the Mahabharata conflict between the Pandavas and the Kauravas, and is finally murdered by Arjuna.

A heavenly voice foretold during Jayadratha's birth that whomever causes Jayadratha's head to fall to earth will have his head split into a hundred pieces.

Arjuna, a peerless archer, is aware of this and chops off Jayadratha's head with an arrow that rests in the lap of Jayadratha's father, Brhatkaya.

Brhatkaya is frightened to the point that he lets the head fall from his lap to the ground, shattering into a hundred pieces.


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