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Paganism & Wicca - What Is Bruja, Brujo, And Brujeria?

Bruja, Brujo, Brujeria: 

  • In contemporary Spanish, brujeria refers to witchcraft.
  • Bruja refers to a female witch. 
  • While brujo refers to her male counterpart. 

The word brujo may also be interpreted as "sorcerer." 

The phrases come from an ancient phrase that meant "unwholesome night-bird," but has now become a simple synonym for "witch." 

In the Portuguese variation Bruxsa, the original connotations are preserved. 

Strix is another name for Strix. 

The following are synonyms for "witch" that come from the same source: 

• Bruja (Modern Spanish) 

• Bruxa (Classical Spanish) 

• Bruesche (Provençal) 

• Broxa (Jewish)

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