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Hinduism - What Is The Rajasthani Style Or School Of Miniature Painting?

One of two major "schools" of Indian miniature painting, the other being Pahari.

The differences between the two schools are mostly geographical and hence artificial, since the Pahari school's Basohli paintings are aesthetically closer to those of Rajasthan than works in the later Pahari style.

The Rajasthani was the first developed school, flourishing in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in the small kingdoms of the Malwa region, such as Mandu, and in the kingdoms that now make up modern Rajasthan—particularly Bundi, Kota, and Mewar, but also Jaipur and Bikaner—in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

The Rajasthani style is distinguished by a flat perspective and visual force generated from vibrant hues, which are often used as a background to the painting.

W. G. Archer, Indian Painting, 1957, is a good source of knowledge.

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Hinduism - Where Is Kota In India?


About 100 miles south of Jaipur, on the Chambal River in Rajasthan's modern state.

Kota was the capital of a minor kingdom of the same name before India's independence.

The Rajasthani style of miniature painting, a genre used to illustrate Hindu religious topics, notably scenes in Krishna's life, was born in Kota.

Because Kota was controlled by a junior member of the Bundi royal dynasty, the Kota style is considered a derivation of the Bundi style.

Both styles are distinguished by their concern to nature, as seen by the precise portrayals of trees surrounding the subjects of the paintings.

The Kota style is characterized by out-of-proportion landscape components that give the images a lush impression.

See W. G. Archer's Indian Painting (1957) and Indian Painting in Bundi and Kotah (1959) for further details.

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Hinduism - Where Is Bundi?

City and district in Rajasthan's southeastern region, approximately 100 miles south of Jaipur, the state capital. 

Bundi was a tiny kingdom before India's independence in 1947. 

Bundi became a hub for Rajasthani miniature painting in the late seventeenth century, perhaps as a result of painters from the Moghul court seeking foreign sponsorship. 

Rajasthani miniature artists depicted Hindu religious subjects, especially events in the life of the deity Krishna, in addition to the portraits and court groups that characterize this genre under the Moghuls. 

Unlike other styles, which use flat, monochrome backgrounds, the Bundi style emphasizes nature, with realistic depictions of the trees (typically banana trees) that surround the figures, as well as flowers, birds, and lotus-filled ponds. 


W. G. Archer's Indian Painting, published in 1957, and his Indian Painting in Bundi and Kotah, published in 1959, are both good sources of knowledge.