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Parapsychology - Academia De Estudo Psychicos "Cesare Lombroso"


José de Freitas Tinoco created the Cesare Lombroso Academy for Psychical Research in Sao Paolo in September 1919.

Carlos Mirabelli's mediumship was examined by the academy.

Mirabelli was examined at the Academia de Estudos Psychicos Cesare Lombroso in So Paulo in the 1920s, and a report released in 1926 said that authentic materializations had been witnessed in more than 300 sittings. 

Several psychical researchers contested the findings when it was released in English. 

Hans Driesch, a German scientist, studied Mirabelli in 1928 and discovered that certain things had been moved in the séance room, but no proof for his claimed talents of materialization or apportionment. 

  • Mirabelli went on to do public mediumship presentations that were regarded as "theatrical." 
  • Mirabelli has been engaged in 15 cases for the unlawful practice of witchcraft during the course of his life. 
  • He was accused of using deception. 

Mirabelli was said to be able to move magnetic water bottles on a table without making contact with them. 

Antônio da Silva Mello said that such a trick may have been accomplished "by means of a thread brought to the table or by various other ways, primarily with the assistance of a partner who in this specific instance was believed by several individuals present to be the medium's wife."

Mirabelli displayed a broad range of materializations, levitation, psychokinesis, and automatic writing in 392 sittings, which were regarded re markable outcomes.

The academy declared Mirabelli to be the greatest of all mental and physical mediums, but Theodore Besterman, who investigated Mirabelli for the American Society for Psychical Research in 1934, cast doubt on its 1926 findings.

The institution was still going strong in the 1930s.

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