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Hinduism - The Practice Of Celibacy In Hinduism.


Celibacy was highly regarded in old Indian society as both a symbol of holiness and a source of power. 

On the one hand, since sexual desire is often a metaphor for all kinds of want, abstaining from sexual activity is an indication of abstaining from the world in general. 

On a more literal level, the preservation of semen via celibacy is said to prevent a man's essential vitality from evaporating. 

Semen, according to traditional Indian physiology, is distilled from blood and therefore represents the concentrated essence of a man's vitality. 

While semen may and must be used for reproduction, all other losses must be carefully considered. As a result, masturbating is frowned upon. 

Celibacy stores and conserves essential energy, which may subsequently be utilized for spiritual development. 

  • The deity Shiva, whose emblem is the linga, a pillar-shaped figure with obvious phallic connotations, is the model for the celibate ascetic. 
  • Shiva is the epitome of a perfect spouse and ascetic. 
  • As a result of his tapas, the linga symbolizes his hoarded celibacy energy (ascetic practices). 

Similarly, whether a lifelong celibate (naisthika), a student (brahmacharin), or a married man who has already had children, celibacy is a means for human males to preserve their essential energy.

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