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Hinduism - Who Was Mahendravarman?


 (r. 600–630) During the Pallava dynasty, when southern India was a bastion of Tamil culture, he was the ruler.

Mahendravarman was born a Jain, but under the influence of the poet-saint Appar, he became a devotee (bhakta) of the deity Shiva.

Mahendravarman was a learned man who supported the arts and was the creator of the famous drama Mattvavilasa ("Sport of Drunkards") in southern India.

During his reign, the rock-cut temples of Mahabalipuram were constructed.

He clashed with the neighboring monarchs, particularly the Chalukya king Pulakeshin II, and was killed in a fight with Pulakeshin's army.

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Hinduism - Who Was Kumarapala?


 Kumarapala (r. 1143–1172) was a Jaina monarch of Gujarat's Chalukya dynasty who was so dedicated to nonviolence that he fined those who killed fleas and other pests.