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Hinduism - Who Was Chandra Gupta II?

 Chandra Gupta II (r. 376–415 C.E.) was a Hindu emperor who reigned from 376 to 415 C.E. 

After his father, Samudra Gupta, and grandfather, Chandra Gupta I, he was the third in the Gupta dynasty's line of great emperors. 

Chandra Gupta II led the Gupta dynasty to its geographical apex. 

The Shaka kingdom in the Malwa area was ultimately defeated under his reign, and the Guptas thereafter ruled all of northern India and current Pakistan, as well as the Coromandel Coast all the way to modern Madras, through conquest or tribute. 

Between 350 and 550 C.E., the Gupta dynasty reigned in northern India, and their rule is linked to the development of Indian culture and the rebirth of Hinduism. 

Both were made possible thanks to the Gupta rulers, who are regarded as benefactors of fine culture as well as fervent Shiva worshippers (bhakta). 

This is particularly true of Chandra Gupta II, since Kalidasa, the greatest of the Sanskrit poets, is one of the main personalities connected with his court. 

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