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Hinduism - Who Was Chaturbhujdas?


 (late 16th century) One of the ashtachap, a group of eight bhakti (devotional) poets from northern India. 

The Pushti Marg, a religious group whose members are Krishna devotees (bhakta), utilized the works of these eight poets for liturgical reasons. 

All eight are mentioned in the Pushti Marg's sectarian literature as members of the community and companions of either Vallabhacharya or his successor, Vitthalnath. 

Chaturbhujdas is believed to be the son of Kumbhadas, one of the first ashtachap poets, and a companion of Vitthalnath, according to allusions in his poetry. 

Chaturbhujdas portrays himself as a companion to Krishna and his wife, Radha, in his poems, offering modern followers a glimpse into their everyday lives. 

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